Thursday, September 16, 2010

short update, long time

It's been over 2 weeks since I've updated... I'm sure my loyal followers have been worried sick - LMAO!

What can I say? I haven't been feeling my best mentally or physically. Guilt has kept me from writing about my failed mileage. So rather than dwell on what I didn't do, here's what I did do...

** 12 mile training walk

** 13 mile training walk (in the same amount of time it had taken to do 11 miles just 2 weeks prior)

** Had the raffle and did okay, not great, but it's more than we had before

** Got to $1,960 in donations! (not including any of the cash fundraisers)

** Handed out a few more donation forms

** did more research on the ITB pain - it's been super bad, hurting after 8 or 9
miles on the long walks which led to my dropping the shorter weekday walks..

** did a 4 mile weekday walk this week w/o knee pain during but questionable now... but at least I DID it

Trying to get back on track. Hoping my knee makes it through the 14 mile this weekend. Would LOVE to get to where I can walk back-to-back