Friday, February 26, 2010

up with people!

Over the years I have found myself becoming more and more jaded. Thoughts such as "People are stupid!!!!!!!!" often flood my brain. Once saturation occurs, the words start leaking out of my mouth. (Oh hey, that sounds gross!!) Alright, maybe I took that analogy too far, but you know what I'm saying.

Recently, however, I am finding myself in awe on almost a daily basis. What I am seeing is a generosity and kindness in people, that I had thought was long gone. Friends and family are helping me spread the word. People that I thought would have only negative things to say about my journey, are being supportive. Some people are even spontaneously doing nice and helpful things to help my cause.

This morning I woke up to find a $100 donation from someone I don't even know!
My bank teller made a donation.
A graphic artist friend of a friend, made our fabulous new fighting kangaroo logo (don't you love the pink ribbon tattoo on his bicep??)
My husband is being the most wonderfully supportive man ever : )

The money I am working so hard to raise will all be going to the Susan G Komen foundation.
What I will gain from this experience, however, is priceless

Monday, February 22, 2010

stickin' it to cancer

The other day I was feeling kind of stagnant in my journey. Maybe not stagnant, maybe more like I was treading water; as if I was doing a lot of work but getting nowhere.

I pulled out the "Journey of a Thousand Miles.." sticker sheet that came in my welcome packet. It felt good to put into place all of the accomplishments I've already made.. attending the Getting Started Meeting, setting my personal donation page, getting my first donation, etc.

Today, I get to place one more sticker... I've raised my first $500!! In fact, I am only $10 away from being at the 1/4 mark - woooohooo!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Perfect 10

Tonight a man said to me, those 10 little words every woman longs to hear....
"You look like you would make a great beef stew."

I was on my fourth time around the sports park, while my daughter was having soccer practice. I was feeling pretty good, thinking I would go for 5 laps, rather than the 4 I had promised myself.

Most of the path runs along the fields... lots of soccer and baseball were happening this Friday night. One part of the path, however, veers off a bit out of the way and up higher. The developers felt this would be a good place to put a few benches, and this was where my gentleman friend was sitting when he uttered those words. Wow, what to say? "Thank you, I think", I said as I continued along my way. "You just have that look about you!", he called after me. Sigh..

Next week one of the soccer girl's dads said he would walk with me. Might be a good idea.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

making moves

Today I volunteered to work the check-in table at the Blood Drive that was being held at my daughter's school. I ended up telling 6 people about the 3-Day For The Cure, and passed out 4 of my cards : ) Two were to people from the school, and two were Red Cross workers. I had quite a good conversation with the RC workers, one even thanked me for educating her on Breast Cancer. (Handy that I worked at that Breast Care Center those past few years!). Even if they don't donate, I am increasing awareness of the event, and even a bit of knowledge : )

I feel really good about making that step to pass out my cards. That's a tough thing for me to do! But you never know who might find it in their hearts to help such a great cause! You never know, right?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

kind people and bad magnets

* Not walking enough - booo me!
* Donations keep coming - yaaaay 3Day
* Big magnets I made for hubby's truck don't stick well enough. Lost one somewhere in AZ
* Left a business card or two in the restroom of each pitstop between CA and AZ (u never know!)
* Made flyers to put near the mailboxes in our complex. Flyers have pull-off tags with my URL

Had I started with family, rather than people I haven't seen in years I probably would have started off stronger in the donation department. Good to know incase I ever do this again : )

I received a donation that came truly from the heart, not that they don't all come from the heart.. This donation came from people who never met me, and made their contribution because they believe in hope for the future. It reminds me that people are beautiful.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Feelin' grooooovy

I'm feeling good today, positive. This morning I got 3 new donations to the cause! Thank you, thank you!

My walking hasn't been as regular as it could be, but I did also start back at the gym this week.
The treadmill walking was nice, and different. Each treadmill has a tv screen - rock on! I set it on random, and walked for an hour... the longest time yet. I felt good, no pain! Then I went and did an upper body workout - GO general fitness!

Gonna check out gmap-pedometer and map out a route or two near where we are visiting this weekend. Get some new scenery : )

Monday, February 8, 2010

stressing already

Freaking about the fundraising.
Still time, but still freaking.
It doesn't seem too much to expect a single response from the 60 or emails I sent.
Wearing a button that no one has asked about.
Just made some magnets to put on my car - fun stuff.

Freaking out.
Maybe I should walk...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Too early to be obsessed

So I walked for 35 minutes last night while the girl was in her reading class. This morning I did the new extended version of my favorite creekside walk. I feel better about the walking thing now. At the meeting this weekend it was stressed that if you feel you must walk this early in the game, to keep it to 2-3 miles :)

Mostly though, I'm finding myself thinking about the fundraising A LOT! I finally sent out my first two rounds of donation letters. I'm using the same basic body of the letter, but changing the opening lines to fit a specific 'set' of people. I was sooooo nervous hitting that "send" button!!
I am still wearing my pink ring, and today I added the tiny 3 Day pin that came with my registration. I'd like to upgrade to a bigger pin at least :)

I've been thinking about making a shirt. Something that will get some attention (but isn't too crazy!) and get people asking questions. I could wear it on my walks and while running errands.

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh .... need ... to ..stop... the.. brain...

~~~~~~ I do have some very exciting news to share... I got my very first donation!!!! YAY!! Thank you so much to T !! It makes me feel so hopeful for the long monetary journey ahead! = ) ~~~~~

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's official!!!!

I now am officially registered for the 3-Day walk in San Diego for THIS November!!

I am so excited! I know I still have a long way to go, and I hope my enthusiasm doesn't wane too much in the next 9 1/2 months.

Here's my donation page

The very few of you who follow this blog will probably have seen this link already. I'm not sure how to go more public with this. Join a ring or something? Do they have those anymore? I don't really know! Maybe a few of you very few readers can list my blog as a place you like to go (whether or not it's true! LOL). B and Leanne are exempt of course, due to conflict : )


Not much walking has happened lately. I did go rollerblading briefly on Sunday. Monday (yesterday) the kids were home due to some goofball, made up, no school day. This afternoon I plan on walking during the girl's reading class. Usually I sit in the car and read. What?? There's lots of big ol' hills around there!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Making it real

This weekend my friend, B, and I went to the "Getting Started" meeting to learn even more about this 3Day adventure. Neither of us had registered yet, and were hoping to hear something that would ease our fundraising worries. We both left the meeting totally excited and eager to get started!

We are both going to have to step out of our comfort zones on this one! B will do great on the fitness part (she'll have to carry me to the sweeper a few times, no doubt!), but we will both have to make some changes in order to get the fundraising done. Our new motto is "It can't hurt to ask!"

I've been wearing my pink on pink plastic SGK ring since Saturday. Today I had my first question about it... a teller at the bank. I told her all about what I'll be doing and she was very excited. She said she would love to donate :) Tomorrow I'll be printing out the business cards from the website... buying the pink paper tonight!

I am so exited about this whole thing! I have been jotting down every fundraising idea that pops into my head. Some aren't even full thoughts, just a list of people/places who might be able to help.

I have to give a HUGE THANKYOU to my friend B, who is brave enough to embark on this journey with me!! I couldn't do it without her :)