Friday, April 30, 2010


Today I decided that I would do my walk during the girl's soccer practice. Since it was still light out I felt pretty sure my "beef stew" friend would not be hanging around (see my Feb. 19th post if your reaction to that was "HUH??").

I started off discouraged that I had chatted away too much of my walking time (Shocking!). The feeling did not improve when my stupid anterior lateral right lower leg muscle started hurting again. Hold on, brb.... Okay, maybe the tibialis anterior, maybe one of the peroneus muscles.
Whoever it is is very painful. 1/2 way through my second time around the sports park I could invision myself quitting... right before the hill too :) I was not happy, not having fun, and did not feel good. Thoughts of sweet relief filled my head, crowding out the "don't be a quitter" thoughts.

I felt really pathetic. What the heck made me think I could get through 20 miles in one day, let alone 60 in 3?? Here I am struggling at less than one mile. Damn. I got to the end of the loop and just couldn't do it. Up the hill I trudged and did another loop. Truth be told, had I not run out of time, I could have gone around again, and maybe again. Yes it felt really good when I stopped, but it felt even better that I hadn't stopped too soon.

Sure wish I knew what to do about this pain, though. It seems to show up on random days and I can't get a handle on any kind of pattern. Maybe when I get new shoes in two weeks that will take care of it. I will be sure to mention it to the Shoe Dawg people.

MapMyWalks .com keeps a running total of the miles you've logged each month (or maybe more, but I've only been using it for a month). My grand total for April is 36.05 miles. My goal for May is going to be 44 miles, an average of 11 miles a week. The first week of the 24 week training schedule is 12 miles, so getting comfy at 11 sounds good.... right? Right?

Man I hope I can do this...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday I had lunch with my (only) teammate, Becky. (Hi Becky!) I would not be able to get through this whole journey without her, and talking with her always renews my excitement for what we are doing. It's just the two of us, but we wanted team shirts with our team name (60 MILES for BUSTS!) and our nifty fighting kangaroo logo. At the end of lunch, she gave me two shirts that she had made - yay!

One shirt is for wearing around, while walking/training, running errands, etc. Anything that gets people asking, right? The other has empty squares on the back which we hope to use as part of our fund raising efforts (for a donation people can write a name or message in honor of someone they love). The shirts are crazy huge, and I hear the scissors calling me, but I love them!

As I've mentioned before, my walking hasn't been what it should be. Having my official team shirt, though, inspired me and out I went. (Good thing the kid who is home sick today is almost 13 and able to stay home alone. Plus, not all that sick anymore.) What a gorgeous day for a walk! I took some pictures and hope to get them on here soon.

I am looking forward to June 19th and the first official training walk! Hopefully having an actual schedule and a closer looming deadline will help keep my training going. I really want to be physically ready for my 60 miles! I'm more nervous about that than the fund raising at this point =)

Is going great! I am at $1,450! Only $850 to reach my minimum... and almost half way to my personal goal of $3,000! Yippeeee! Next month I'm going to send out my second newsletter, updating everyone on my journey. The one I sent in March got me a few more donations =)
Oh, I want to do the Insider Pages as well. Can't hurt, right? Becky and I have our first 'canning' event in June, too! Roll on donations!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Life lessons from the little one

Tonight I took a nice walk with my 7 year old daughter... well she rode her scooter. We travelled
along the prettiest part of creek/bike path. On the return part of the walk, my daughter kept asking to stop and walk off the path towards the creek. When I walk alone I am very goal oriented - get out and get back, no side trips! I decided to oblige my daughter's curiosity...

We stopped at a little inlet of trees where someone has placed a picture of a little boy, along with the words "In memory of Nathan 1991-1996". So sad. I remember seeing this area all decorated at Christmas time. She asked questions, and I did my best to answer them. Next we stopped at a small clearing and made our way down to the creek. It was actually nice down there, not all gross and dirty like I expected. We hopped around on the rocks a bit and marveled at how clear the water was. There was a big tree with it's tangle of roots mostly exposed - it was amazing to see. The tree had a big hollowed out area and we peeked in. There was a small green plant just starting to grow inside. I really wished I had brought a camera. Next time we are bringing the boys - and a camera - to do more exploring!

We've been living here for 11 years, and I just found this today? Maybe I should be more of a stop and smell the roses kind of person.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update - Training Log for debmc4

Been having fun with this site. I moved my walks from gmap over here, and have even
bookmarked a few longer walks for when the official training starts in two months. I'm using the free membership, so it will only keep three months of training at a time, but that's okay : )

I've walked 7 of the past 9 days - yay me! One day I did a 3.3 mile hike that about kicked my butt. Some of the hills were murderous! Even so, I would do it again... I felt so great afterwards! Plus it was a nice time with family and friends. Later that day, I still did a short 1 1/2 mile walk to the girl's soccer practice.

Next week gets back to regular schedule.. kids at school and my walking buddy goes back to work: ( Hopefully walking with her this past week has helped to kick start my walking again, even when she's not around!

Great news on the fundraising front! We finally got our approval to solicit outside of WalMart.
We didn't get the dates we wanted, but we'll find others. Also, I've received a few more donations, bringing me to $1,400!! That's only $900 shy of my minimum, and almost half-way to my personal goal of $3,000!! Yippeeeee!