Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday I had lunch with my (only) teammate, Becky. (Hi Becky!) I would not be able to get through this whole journey without her, and talking with her always renews my excitement for what we are doing. It's just the two of us, but we wanted team shirts with our team name (60 MILES for BUSTS!) and our nifty fighting kangaroo logo. At the end of lunch, she gave me two shirts that she had made - yay!

One shirt is for wearing around, while walking/training, running errands, etc. Anything that gets people asking, right? The other has empty squares on the back which we hope to use as part of our fund raising efforts (for a donation people can write a name or message in honor of someone they love). The shirts are crazy huge, and I hear the scissors calling me, but I love them!

As I've mentioned before, my walking hasn't been what it should be. Having my official team shirt, though, inspired me and out I went. (Good thing the kid who is home sick today is almost 13 and able to stay home alone. Plus, not all that sick anymore.) What a gorgeous day for a walk! I took some pictures and hope to get them on here soon.

I am looking forward to June 19th and the first official training walk! Hopefully having an actual schedule and a closer looming deadline will help keep my training going. I really want to be physically ready for my 60 miles! I'm more nervous about that than the fund raising at this point =)

Is going great! I am at $1,450! Only $850 to reach my minimum... and almost half way to my personal goal of $3,000! Yippeeee! Next month I'm going to send out my second newsletter, updating everyone on my journey. The one I sent in March got me a few more donations =)
Oh, I want to do the Insider Pages as well. Can't hurt, right? Becky and I have our first 'canning' event in June, too! Roll on donations!

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  1. That's great! Your blog needs more photos! Maybe a "before" and "after" of that t-shirt (scissors! What will you do?)!