Friday, April 30, 2010


Today I decided that I would do my walk during the girl's soccer practice. Since it was still light out I felt pretty sure my "beef stew" friend would not be hanging around (see my Feb. 19th post if your reaction to that was "HUH??").

I started off discouraged that I had chatted away too much of my walking time (Shocking!). The feeling did not improve when my stupid anterior lateral right lower leg muscle started hurting again. Hold on, brb.... Okay, maybe the tibialis anterior, maybe one of the peroneus muscles.
Whoever it is is very painful. 1/2 way through my second time around the sports park I could invision myself quitting... right before the hill too :) I was not happy, not having fun, and did not feel good. Thoughts of sweet relief filled my head, crowding out the "don't be a quitter" thoughts.

I felt really pathetic. What the heck made me think I could get through 20 miles in one day, let alone 60 in 3?? Here I am struggling at less than one mile. Damn. I got to the end of the loop and just couldn't do it. Up the hill I trudged and did another loop. Truth be told, had I not run out of time, I could have gone around again, and maybe again. Yes it felt really good when I stopped, but it felt even better that I hadn't stopped too soon.

Sure wish I knew what to do about this pain, though. It seems to show up on random days and I can't get a handle on any kind of pattern. Maybe when I get new shoes in two weeks that will take care of it. I will be sure to mention it to the Shoe Dawg people.

MapMyWalks .com keeps a running total of the miles you've logged each month (or maybe more, but I've only been using it for a month). My grand total for April is 36.05 miles. My goal for May is going to be 44 miles, an average of 11 miles a week. The first week of the 24 week training schedule is 12 miles, so getting comfy at 11 sounds good.... right? Right?

Man I hope I can do this...

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