Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Too early to be obsessed

So I walked for 35 minutes last night while the girl was in her reading class. This morning I did the new extended version of my favorite creekside walk. I feel better about the walking thing now. At the meeting this weekend it was stressed that if you feel you must walk this early in the game, to keep it to 2-3 miles :)

Mostly though, I'm finding myself thinking about the fundraising A LOT! I finally sent out my first two rounds of donation letters. I'm using the same basic body of the letter, but changing the opening lines to fit a specific 'set' of people. I was sooooo nervous hitting that "send" button!!
I am still wearing my pink ring, and today I added the tiny 3 Day pin that came with my registration. I'd like to upgrade to a bigger pin at least :)

I've been thinking about making a shirt. Something that will get some attention (but isn't too crazy!) and get people asking questions. I could wear it on my walks and while running errands.

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh .... need ... to ..stop... the.. brain...

~~~~~~ I do have some very exciting news to share... I got my very first donation!!!! YAY!! Thank you so much to T !! It makes me feel so hopeful for the long monetary journey ahead! = ) ~~~~~

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