Tuesday, February 16, 2010

kind people and bad magnets

* Not walking enough - booo me!
* Donations keep coming - yaaaay 3Day
* Big magnets I made for hubby's truck don't stick well enough. Lost one somewhere in AZ
* Left a business card or two in the restroom of each pitstop between CA and AZ (u never know!)
* Made flyers to put near the mailboxes in our complex. Flyers have pull-off tags with my URL

Had I started with family, rather than people I haven't seen in years I probably would have started off stronger in the donation department. Good to know incase I ever do this again : )

I received a donation that came truly from the heart, not that they don't all come from the heart.. This donation came from people who never met me, and made their contribution because they believe in hope for the future. It reminds me that people are beautiful.

1 comment:

  1. Live and learn, right? Very sweet ending to your post, though. =)

    This would be my first walk. I didn't realize that I could search for open teams after I sign up! That's good to know. Thanks for the compliment on my work! I actually have had some ideas of things I can make to raffle, auction, or use as sweeteners for contributions so that's definitely something. I just fear that that and the few people that I know aren't enough. But, truth be told, I'm almost 99% convinced to register! I'm going to the Getting Started meeting on Friday and I'm sure that will push me to do it. =)