Friday, February 19, 2010

Perfect 10

Tonight a man said to me, those 10 little words every woman longs to hear....
"You look like you would make a great beef stew."

I was on my fourth time around the sports park, while my daughter was having soccer practice. I was feeling pretty good, thinking I would go for 5 laps, rather than the 4 I had promised myself.

Most of the path runs along the fields... lots of soccer and baseball were happening this Friday night. One part of the path, however, veers off a bit out of the way and up higher. The developers felt this would be a good place to put a few benches, and this was where my gentleman friend was sitting when he uttered those words. Wow, what to say? "Thank you, I think", I said as I continued along my way. "You just have that look about you!", he called after me. Sigh..

Next week one of the soccer girl's dads said he would walk with me. Might be a good idea.


  1. Dude, get a friend or a dog or a soccer dad to go with you next time. That's creepy to the max.


    You wear your cooking prowess like a badge of honor. Some people wear their heart on their sleeve? Were there any visible gravy stains on your shirt? :-)

  2. How on earth do you take that comment? That's too funny! Glad he didn't make a beef stew with you! ;-)

    And yea, I'm thinking having someone with you might be a good idea next time. I don't want to see what kind of stew you'd make!

  3. um... ew. That is freaking weird. lol.