Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday already??


I can't believe the week is gone. Between our trip and two sickies in the house, I feel as if I've done nothing at all. Still want to post about my AZ walks - I have pictures =) Didn't do the 15 mins cross training on Wed, and as of 11am still haven't done today's 30 mins. Keeping up with the walks, though.

Found a friend to walk my first 6 mile with me. Hopefully this nice cool weather will last until tomorrow around 12:30.... when we should be finishing up our walk! Bummed I'm missing the early morning 6mile training walk in HB. It would have been nice to meet other 3Day walkers in the area.

Enough whining for me. Time to get the kids moving...

So. Un. Motivated.

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