Thursday, July 29, 2010

so...tired..... no...... moti...vation....

Man am I tired. Not just today. Not the past two days. For at least the past week.
I'm so tired that I'm having trouble finishing this post.

I did manage to do my walk on Tuesday, but I did it in the afternoon since I could not get up in the morning. It was the suckiest walk ever. I felt better on my 7 mile walk. On the training schedule for today is a 4 mile walk. Hubby and son were up and out early this morning (off to Magic Mountain... How can it be that my baby will become a teen tomorrow??), so I'm going to TRY to motivate myself to drag my 8 y/o out with me this evening. Blech.

I'm hoping this tremendously-tired thing is just a culmination of weeks of staying up too late and getting up too early. Every once in a while it all catches up with me. It's what I get for forcing my body to submit to MY sleep schedule rather than it's own. It's either that or those vitamins I had been taking really were doing me a whole lotta good...

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