Monday, August 30, 2010

Countdown - 12 weeks to go

WHAT?????? Wow. Part of me thinks that feels so far away, and another part fears that it is so close. Wow. This week introduces the 12 mile walk. More 12. I am looking forward to the challenge of walking 12 miles, but just need to figure out how, when and with whom. Details, baby.

So here's how last week went:


Tuesday - 3 mile walk
Friday - 5 mile walk
Saturday - 4 mile walk
Sunday - 11 mile walk

Total = 23 miles

On Saturday's walk my knee started hurting around mile 3 ... bad knee =( It may
have been brought on by the stair walking I did at the beach the day before. (Yay beach!) At any rate, I ended up cutting that walk short by a mile to get home and deal with the knee.

On Sunday I met my friend/teammate Becky for our 11 mile walk. A portion of the route was along the beach, which was super nice. We stopped at the pier for some stretching, snacking and people watching. Since Becky has problems with foot pain, and I was concerned about my knee, we stopped A LOT and did LOTS of stretching.
At a few points during the walk I felt my pain starting (it starts up by my hip), and through stretches, Advil and a trick I learned from Kate I made it through the entire 11 miles pain free! = )


Total - $1,750 yipeeee =)

Got two more donations this week - Yay! Thank you Keith (via Terry) and Dr. Tiegs (she's so awesome and I miss working with her)

I've got to keep plugging away. On Sept. 1st I hope to get another update sent out. I figure it's okay to send them monthly now that the 3-Day is so close.

Sunday was another Walmart day. We made $257. We've made less and less each time we've done this. Hopefully our raffle will go well. Maybe we should ask a grocery store if we can sit out on a Sunday. My weekends are about to get super full with kid's soccer, and I know my grocery store is always PACKED on Sundays... Hmmm...

I'm feeling pretty good right now, about both the training and fundraising. Hopefully everything will keep going this way.

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