Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 13 or bust

And so begins week 13 in the countdown to week 1... the walk! According to we'll have a high of 90 degrees today. At 11:30 am it's already 91... hmmm..... Bad news for me since I have no intention of slacking on the walking this week. I feel badly about the lack of miles in week 14. Which brings me to UPDATE!


Did some nice x-training with workout dvd's. It felt really good. The walking portion of the program suffered a bit this week. I had planned to get in lots of walking prior to the camping trip, but that didn't happen. I did get some hiking in - lots of hills but pretty low miles as far as 3-Day training goes.

Twice I hiked in these hills and rock formations at 7,220 feet. Good for the thighs and rear :)

Did a walk around this beautiful lake, too. This was at about 4,600 ft.


Total: $1,675 - Yay!

Got my new car magnets. Gave hubby some of my cards since he is enjoying talking with people to get donations for my raffle. Ooooh got the donation from Chivas USA.... FOUR midfield tickets to a game =) Yay! Got a Walmart date this weekend, too.

Thinking of going with a monthly newsletter now that the walk is just over 3 months away. Feeling pretty good about making the minimum, but it will be nice to finally be there.


  1. Love the pics, but I know what you mean about the heat we have been working with 105+ all month.

    Keep it going

  2. What gorgeous scenery to be walking around!! That's some motivation in itself. You may not have gotten the mileage you needed, but you did get to work other muscles and the hilly terrain will come in handy for any hills on the walk. We've been starting our walks at 6 freaking A.M. to avoid the heat, so I feel your pain about that one. You're doing great!!