Monday, August 9, 2010

Here we go 15!

Has it really been a whole week since I've posted? Yikes! What can I say? My fatigue continues, but may be improving. I'm having trouble getting the 5 mile weekday walks in. It seems to be a bit too long to squeeze in before hubby goes to work in the morning, and in the evening I always get too busy (or too tired).

This Saturday I'll be traveling to La Jolla for the Preview Expo!! I am soooo excited!! I can't wait to check out every single seminar, booth, table, station... whatever! The more info I can gather, the better =) Not sure how I'm supposed to fit in a 10 mile walk on that day, however.



Monday - rest
Tuesday - 3 mile walk
Wednesday - 0
Tuesday - 0
Friday - 2.5 mile walk
Saturday - 5 mile walk
Sunday 10 mile walk!!!!!!!!!

Total this week - 20.5 miles

Total since June 7th - 144.5

Yes you read that right! On Sunday I went on a 10 mile training walk with 6 other local walkers. It was great getting to meet other walkers, most of whom were doing this for the first time (we did have a 5 time veteran walker there, too). We meet at 5:45AM, and set out at 6. There were 4 pit stops (2 Starbucks, McD's and a park), and we got back at 9:45. For the most part I felt really good. My endurance was fine, and my feet were blister free. At around mile 8, though, I got some knee pain on the right. It actually felt as if the pain was starting in my lower back/upper right cheek - but it didn't exactly hurt there. The lateral side of my knee hurt like heck, and it started hurting/pulling on the lateral side of my right foot as well. I finished the last 2 miles, and took some ibuprofen (thanks Becky!). Once I got home (after a trip to Kohl's... well I needed some new sandals) I did some ice therapy. The pain went mostly away for a few hours, then returned. Today it hasn't been bothering me much. I think it's my ITB (had trouble with this on the left when I used to run). Bummed about the pain, but I plan on adding in specific stretches for this area.


Total to date - $1,650 ... up $40 YAY!

My newsletter went out to all of my FB friends last week. From this I received a $40 donation - the second donation made by one of hubby's cousins! At first I wondered if they had forgotten they had already donated. When I looked at the Honor Roll scroll I saw they had written "Just a little more for the cause". How sweet!!

After many days of playing phone tag with Jessica from Chivas USA, we finally got in touch. On Friday she sent out a package with some Chivas stuff for me to add to my raffle next month. I don't know what she sent, so I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. This week I need to get moving on asking for more raffle donations. Oh, hubby got me a free meal from Denny's to add to the raffle, and the manager (Hi Fernando) said I could put up a flyer at the cash register. Thanks hubby :)

I also need to get my newsletter into PDF so I can email it out to non-FB people. Gotta get about a dozen into snail mail too.

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  1. Hey! It sounds like you are doing great!! I don't have a clue what I did, but I somehow hurt my knee hiking around the Grand Canyon last week. I am off to find a brace today and I sure hope it hangs on for the walk. I'm looking forward to the expo, too. Hope to see you there!