Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How goes it?

Hat: I've never been a hat/visor person, but with all of this outside time I've been making an effort. Recently I bought myself a necklace (pink ribbon cross) and I got a free hat. It is black with a pink ribbon on it, nice and simple. Wow, I'm liking this hat wearing thing! What was I thinking before?? It was great while walking in the misty rain this morning, and it does wonders for my grey roots ;)

Shoes: Gosh my shoes are pretty! Not sure how they're working for me though :( During 2 of the 3 walks in these shoes, I've gotten a new strange pain in my left foot. The route is the same so it's not that. It's sort of a crampy/sharp pain starting between the balls of my foot and radiating to the toe(s).

Socks: Toe socks?

Training: So happy with the last few weeks of pre-training. I've been sticking to it. I've even lost 4 pounds - woooot woooot!

Fundraising: Wore my nifty free hat to pick up the girl from school yesterday. It got me noticed and I gave out two of my business cards - yeah, one person actually asked for it :) Sometime this week I hope to get a new newsletter out to update my friends and family. Hopefully a GNO this weekend, AND canning in front of WM in a few weeks. Let's go donations!

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