Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is there a sticker for that?

The Sticker Chart. Used by parents and teachers worldwide to reward kids for reading, good behavior, using the potty (yay!), getting chores done...the list is endless. Kids just love getting their sticker and placing it on their chart with pride. So simple, just little stickers. Nice.

The Sticker Chart is also being brought to you by... Susan G Komen for the Cure!
Yes, a sticker chart for us (mostly)adults. I had forgotten about my 3Day sticker chart until a month or so ago when I was feeling sort of down, as if I wasn't making any progress in my journey. I dug the paper out of my 3Day folder and felt a tiny bit of joy with each sticker I was able to place. Tiny round stickers of joy : )

Tonight is the Shoe Clinic just down the street from me. I have been looking forward to this, can't wait to get new shoes. On my Plan B walk this morning I suddenly had a thought that brought a smile to my face. I get to put another sticker on my chart tonight..."attended a clinic (in person or over the phone)". Yippeeeeee!

Here's my 3Day chart today. Can't wait until it's full 'coz then it will be time to walk!

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  1. Love your real life in this blog. I will be doing my first walk in DFW in Novemeber and although I am super stoked about there are just days its hard to work around life.

    So thanks for sharing yours.