Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday thought

It's easier to wallow in I can't than it is to admit you can.

Okay, I know that doesn't describe everyone. Certainly not my mom who truly believes she can do ANYTHING (and I think she's right). I'm not talking about things like changing the lightbulb or getting the lid off of the peanut butter jar. I'm talking about everyday lifestyle changes.

At about 10 minutes into another day of a perfectly executed Plan B (Yay Plan B!), my right knee started hurting. Not the left knee that keeps me from running (yeah, it's the knee that does that!), or my favorite intermittent anterior lateral right lower leg pain, either. This new small pain sent my mind into overdrive, questioning my ability to walk 60 miles in 3 days. Snippets of the sage advice I've gathered from the blogs of seasoned 3 Day walkers were swirling around in my head... "Something you barely notice while walking 3 miles, can become unbearable after mile 10" Yikes! What was I thinking taking on this challenge??

Training. Training is the key. I believed it even before I read all of those awesome blog posts about it. I KNOW I need to train, and that is my intent.

Yes my intent:( Why oh why can't I just stick with being motivated??

You see shortly after rallying myself with my "training will conquer all" pep-talk, I started thinking about reality. Very soon I'll have to be going back to work, and the kids will be out of school for the summer. In the past, each of these two things alone were enough to get me out of my exercise routine, but now the double whammy is approaching. All of the potential roadblocks.. time, energy, motivation... Yikes.

But here's the thing, it's easy to make excuses. I happen to know for a fact that there are people can make it all work. People who manage to work, have kids, be a good parent and spouse, and still make time for themselves. It's not going to be easy, but I have to make myself be one of those people.

Any advice?? Maybe I'll employ some of those (hokey) tools I learned way back in WW. Hmmmm... time to dig out those books. Maybe I'll share with you later : )

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