Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oso nice

Last week I tried a new route, along Oso Creek. I stayed in the planned park portion of the trail. It is very pretty! The creek runs through the middle of the park and the trails make a loop around (and over) it. Part of the trail is paved and the rest is dirt covered in wood chips. The wood chip portion has some pretty nice little hills. I took pictures with my phone but I can't get them onto the computer right now :( In the meantime I found these:

The loop is about 1.5 miles, so I do it twice. Today two ladies stopped me and asked how far the trails run. I told them the route I take, and gave them the mileage. (There are other trails branching off to other areas, I'll try them sometime). Then I told them the reason I know the mileage is because I am tracking it for my training -- training to walk 60 miles.

One of the ladies immediately put it together with the 3Day for the Cure. She said she would love to do it, but was afraid of the $2,300. I told her all about the wonderful support available from the coaches, other walkers, the message boards and even about finding a team. I wish I had brought some of my business cards! Anyway, I really talked it up, and told her she should attend one of the Getting Started meetings to get more information and then make her decision. I hope she does!

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