Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday - or - should I let it go?

So... after that great start last week, I ended up not walking for the rest of the week...kinda. I can rattle off the reasons/excuses but why bother? I am not discouraged, however, and plan to wear walking clothes to drop off the girl in the morning tomorrow. Oh, and to walk, I also plan to walk.

The "kinda" part is that on Sunday my family took me to Disneyland for Mother's Day!
Yay! It was a fantastic day - not too crowded and not too hot. The thing is, we did A LOT of walking! Tons. In fact, my thighs are still sore from all the stairs (that darn Tarzan tree house). I would LOVE to know how far I walked yesterday. We were there for 11 1/2 hours. Granted not all of that time was spent walking, but still plenty of walking was done.

I tried to approximate the distance using but couldn't tell enough detail even with the satellite view. Is it wrong that I want to be able to get "credit" for all of that walking? Without it I fall short of my goal of 11 miles per week :( That's not cool. Don't cheat me out of my miles, man! Maybe I shouldn't obsess over this. On the other hand, maybe I should check out another mapping site!
Hold on a sec...

Okay I'm back. I figure at minimum I walked 3 miles, I mean seriously? Over the course of 11+ hours, I must have done at least that. I went and made a fake DL workout totaling 3 miles. Is that bad? Sigh. Obsess much?

Looking forward (now that my past feels somewhat vindicated) I'll be doing my girl school walk tomorrow morning, and at least two more mornings this week. Right? Wednesday night is my local shoe clinic - woot woot! I am really looking forward to getting new shoes. In fact tomorrow I am working for some of my shoe money - by taste testing potato chips : ) Nice!

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