Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I keep thinking about updating my blog, but recently my head is just spinning with so many other things. I am finding it difficult to keep my brain focused enough to make sense of anything longer than a few sentences. I'm going to try this anyway, so bear with me.

I am right on target to reach my goal of 44 miles this month. Just two more walks to go - yippeee! I might go on a 5 mile hike this weekend, that would bring me above my goal =)

I'm still wondering about my cushy new shoes. There are little issues here and there. Plus I am still getting that left foot pain at 40 minutes into my walks. It doesn't last long, but it seems fairly consistent. I never noticed it before wearing these shoes.

I've passed out a few cards and thought I was generating some interest, but haven't received any new donations in the past few weeks. For the past week or so I've been trying to get my newsletter finished. Because of the aforementioned spinning brain, I am having trouble working on it.

My teammate, Becky, and I did our first GNO (girl's night out)for fundraising purposes. It was just the two of us and her sister. Becky made a super cute donation bucket that had our team name and logo on it! Financially, we were not as successful as we had hoped. Our first two donations came from the bartender and food server at the Red Robbin's where we had dinner. Our last few were from the bartender and food server at the bar/pool hall place where we ended our night. The bartender there was actually very excited about our journey and wanted to make an announcement over the loudspeaker. His boss wouldn't let him :( We are willing to try another GNO, but we obviously have to figure out something different... different clothes, different number of people, different types of establishments? Not sure.

...Insert strong, funny, insightful closing statement here...

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  1. Take it from one who knows: if there is any question about the health of your feet, get it checked out. {hugs}