Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goodbye 22, Hellooooooooooo 21

Another week of training has passed - whew! This weekend rather than walking in the nice "June gloom" of the So Cal morning, I'll be in the AZ heat. Wish me luck =)

How 'bout some updates on week 22?

Training: 17.5 miles walked + 30 mins cross training

Fundraising: $1,610 total

Already posted about my 5 mile on Saturday, during and after which, I felt great.
For the Sunday 3 mile I woke up my (nearly) 13 year old son and had him come with me.
It's good for him, and gave us some mother/son time =) Later that evening my neighbor invited me on a quick walk before dinner. Early into the 2.5 mile jaunt, my shins started revolting... I hate when that happens :(

Monday I took the suggested rest day, and did my 3 miles this morning. Rough walk.
I don't know why. My shins gave me a little trouble, I wasn't out of breath, but it was rough. I know that I sighed audibly on multiple occasions. The second half was mostly up-hill and I actually felt better at that point. Maybe it was the water I drank, maybe it was knowing I was heading home. I don't know. Blech.

Ain't nuthin' goin' on. Sigh. A few days ago I did sign up for an Insider Pages fundraisier, so we'll see when that gets started. I'm also thinking of starting a
Finding a Cure takes Change challenge (not sure about the name). Basically I'll ask people to save their change for one month and donate the entire jar-full to my 3Day fund.

Looking ahead, this week is going to be challenging. We're doing some travlling. I think I'll move my Friday cross-training to Wednesday, and just suck it up and walk in the AZ heat... along roads that are completely void of shade and changes in elevation. Go me!....?

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  1. I'm not a doctor but it sounds like your shin pain could be shin splints. That can happen when you are exercising your calves more than they are used to. As your calf muscles develop, it puts added pressure on the front of your shins. I've always been told that doing toe taps to build up the muscles on the front of your shins as well.

    Just a thought. Great job on training this week!