Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ready. set, GO!

Yesterday was the first day of the 24 week training countdown!! You may be wondering how the program begins. What exactly IS the first day kick-off workout? Rest. Yup. Chillaxin'. Sweet, I covered that one, no sweat (hee hee - no pun intended, really!).

Today was the first workout day. I did my 3 miles, and felt good. Well, after I got over the tired, sad, morning blues I felt good. It really was a struggle to get myself started this morning, but there was no way I was going to skip my very first training walk (as opposed to my pre-training walks).

The walk I did this morning is a slight variation of a walk I've done a few times before. There is a small hill that previously made me struggle a bit. This morning I was shocked when I realized was tackling this hill with no problem at all! Wow, it seems I've made some progress! Nice feeling.

No pain today. Wore my old shoes again... dangit. I really really want my new shoes to be awesome! Maybe they are, but apparently not for my left foot. I would like to give them another chance, but maybe I should just give it up... sigh.

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