Friday, June 18, 2010

shoe/foot update

Catchy title, eh? I'm not feeling very creative today.

Wednesday I went back to RoadRunner Sports and turned in my wonderfully cushy Asics.
Darn left foot! The lady who helped me didn't offer any suggestions as to why those fantabulous shoes would do such a strange thing to just one of my feet. Oh well. I ended up with Brooks Glycerine. She said she's never had anyone bring them back to exchange them. Ok.

So I walked in my new shoes yesterday. I did still experience a little bit of pain in that left foot. The left is also where I've developed heel pain. The heel pain does not seem to be getting worse - I am stretching and icing it multiple times daily. But I'm wondering if that pain is effecting other parts of my foot? Have I mentioned the heel pain before? Morning heel pain - yup. I finally realized it about a week ago, after it happened about 5 days in a row... duh. The morning pain is all but gone now, but I do feel the pain once in a while during the day. yay. I'm thinking I started treating it early enough for it to not get too bad... hopefully.

Anyone know a pro-bono podiatrist? ;)


  1. It almost sounds like Plantar fasciitis with both pains together. Be safe and keep a close eye on it.


  2. Thanks Tanya - That's what I'm treating it as with the ice and stretching. Keeping all appendages crossed that I caught it early enough!