Thursday, June 24, 2010

To each his own..

Got up at 6am this morning so I could get my 4 miles in before hubby had to leave for work. Since he was concerned about my being out and about alone that early in the morning, I had mapped out a route that stuck super close to home. It was a double ring/loop thing that I walked 3 times.

During my walk I felt frustrated. Don't know if it was the route or me. It seemed to be taking too long to finish. I ran into two people that I know which slowed me down.

I did have one bright spot in my morning. Keep in mind that my entire walk was done in a residential area... not along a business route. I was about half-way done, when I saw a man. A handsome, well-built man. Carrying a lily white naked mannequin. With a bag over her head. Sweet! Wish I had had the nerve to ask him for a picture =)


  1. I wonder what the bag was for? Maybe she was talking too much?

  2. @Irene - I don't know. Do they make "butter face" mannequins?