Saturday, January 9, 2010

About this blog

Okay, I'm brand new to this blogging thing. Not new to blabbing about my life, though : )

My main reason for starting this now, is to record my journey. This year I plan on walking in
the Susan G Komen 3Day walk. There are many reasons I have decided to take this on. The initial thought was that I wanted to do something to challenge myself. I'm not saying that living life each day, paying the bills, raising kids and a hubby, etc. isn't a challenge in itself! What I was looking for was something beyond my usual reality, no status quo here!

A friend suggested that I find something I was passionate about, or cared about, and work my challenge around that. So here I am. Cancer has been an enemy to many of my family members and friends. Some have won their battle, some have not. In both my personal and professional life, I have known people in all stages of dealing with breast cancer... from the initial scare of finding a lump, to post surgical life. I miss my work at the breast care center, and hope to return to it someday.

To add to my challenge of the 3day walk, I am also NOT currently in any kind of shape. Well, other than bad! Because of this, I am starting my training early. Everything I've read has been a 6 month training period. I have 10 months, and will use these first 4 to get myself up to where I need to be in order to start the more intense training when
the time comes.

My journey is about to begin. My weight loss journey, my training journey and my 3day journey through San Diego. A warning, though ... I can't guarantee that other parts of my life won't sneak in while I'm not watching : )

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