Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yesterday, Tuesday, I was out running errands and got a call from my daughter's school. "Come pick her up, she has lice." {sigh} Less than an hour later I was at my son's school picking him up as well. "Mom, I got tripped playing basketball during P.E. and fell on my elbow. It hurts really bad and I can't bend my arm." {sigh}.

No walking happened yesterday.. just lots of washing, combing, and icing (and not the of the yummy sugary variety). No walking has happened today. Both kids are still home. I felt the need for a second comb-through on the girl, and although the boy's elbow (and wrist!) have greatly improved, he still lacks full range of motion without pain.

If hubby gets home early enough tonight, I'll head out before it gets too dark. My plan is to send both kidletts back to school tomorrow and resume my walking. I actually want to go! What's happening to me?? : )

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