Monday, January 25, 2010


Inspired by the enjoyment and relative ease of last night's creek walk, I decided to do that one again this morning... and extend the creek portion. That increased the walk from about 2.1 to 2.6, so another 1/2 mile (gooooooooo math skills!).

I did not bring along an MP3 player. Instead here are the sounds I heard along the way:

* crunch crunch of the leaves under my feet

* vroooom zooom of the cars whizzing by

* babble babble swooosh of the creek as I left the main road and continued the rest of my walk

* "Are you suuure that's how he feels? Have you talked to him lately??" from the two women who passed me by as if I were standing still

* a chorus of "Mommy mommy, look at me!" spoken by children at the park with their moms... who were busy chatting and so NOT looking... we've all been there :)

* "Hello", "Good morning" and "Beautiful day" cordial greetings from other walkers and bikers

* at least a dozen versions of tweet, chirp, whoot, and tweedle-eee of the birds living along the creek

* "woof", "howl", "bark" ... figure it out

This may be my favorite soundtrack yet :)

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