Monday, January 25, 2010


My original plan was to take weekends off, and just spend time with my family. But by Sunday afternoon I was feeling so guilty (thank you Catholicism) about having walked just once last week.
At 5 PM everyone else was busy, so I took off for my walk. I did my favorite so far, the one that goes along the creek.

It felt great! The sun was going down, the creek was raging after the week of rain, and I saw some jack rabbits. On the way back, I was walking into the sunset - beautiful! My right calf barely bothered me at all, and I cut 4 minutes off my previous time of 49 minutes. Not on purpose, and I wasn't trying, I just felt good :)

Going back out today (Monday), and I'm going to try out an online walking log to keep track of my progress. If I can make it work, I'll get put the link on here. 'Coz who wouldn't want to check out someone else's walking log??

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